craving: janet&janet

I came across a new brand when browsing the wedges on as you do when it's pouring with rain outside! :) The brand in question which you may have guessed already is called Janet&Janet. I'm still a big fan of boots in general and I've found myself shopping for different coloured boots are catching my eye more and more often, deep green, burgundy red and plum colours are especially lovely to me. What do you think? I trend to jump on or avoid?

If you have any Janet&Janet shoes or boots i'd love to hear what you think of the quality and comfort.

Did I mention that I bought some new fantastically functional flip flops from spartoo recently? (I posted them on Instagram.) They're made by Reef and have a bottle opener in the sole, how brilliant is that for beach parties?! Bring on the summer - pretty please? :)

♥ abby


  1. Ooooh, I'm a sucker for ankle boots and they have some awesome ones, I'd not heard of the brand before. I love the idea of deep red or burgundy boots, the ones you've featured are gorgeous.
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

    1. Yeahhh i'm a bit of a sucker too, they're just so easy to wear so it's only right that we should have them in every colour .. :D x


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