what to get me for christmas : festive jumpers

On Saturday I popped to town with Shaun's mum for a spot of Christmas shopping with what I thought to be a rather large list of pressies and I got a good amount of Christmas shopping done, you'd be proud of how many bags I carried home! Plymouth City centre is starting to feel quite Christmassy with the decorations going up and lots of stores now selling gift packs and crimbo related goodies like chocolate snowmen, Christmas tree charms and Rudolph socks but the best of it has to be the Christmas jumpers. A tacky Xmas jumper is kind of a festive must now, especially after the primark jumpers flying off the shelves last year but 2013 is all about the New Look Christmas hoody and jumper range. I love it! I actually do, becUse it's not nearly as tacky and these jumpers are actually well made sweatshirts and hoodies that I would totally wear - judge me a all you like :P

I say that I want these for christmas but I also want at least one before the big day that I can wear too. I think that one of the hoodies would be perfect for a casual weekend and walking the dog but I can't decide whether a snowman, Christmas pudding or robin is better! Decisions, decisions.

♥ abby


  1. oh my goodness that robin hoody is adorable!! :) x

  2. has this been sponsored? x

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  5. love your blog and all the cute pictures!<3

  6. pudding is a cutie!!!


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