holiday dreaming

I am big time holiday dreaming at the moment. A number of friends and family have been jetting off to hotter climates over the last few weeks and I have been green with envy!

Most people have started preparing for winter by shopping the new season styles, wearing darker colours, writing christmas lists and i've even seen a number of people shopping for christmas decorations! I however have decided to live as if the uk is not dropping in temperature and instead have been prepping for my next holiday or spurt of hot weather - whichever comes first. This includes getting hold of a new bikini, new luggage, dreaming over locations for april-ish 2014 and exercising my butt off to keep my toned bod. I am determined to stay fit and healthy even throughout the winter months, I feel so much better in myself at the moment which is great!

I opted for a large Dakine holdall from hundreds of types of luggage on bagable for a number of reasons, the first being that my ski gloves are by Dakine and I know that they are a good brand. I went for a holdall because it is lightweight therefore great for holidays as I always pack way too much! I also love the pretty and girly design.

I just got hold of my first ever nautical theme bikini too and I love it! I recently received a My Curves and Me gift voucher so I bought this and a bright panache superbra lingerie set. This bikini fits so well! I'm always going on about how inconvenient swimwear shopping is and how difficult it is to find my size in a design that I like so I get really chuffed when I find a new brand or store that stocks nice things in a full range of sizes and as separates. Panache is a brand that I discovered a little while ago and I've purchased a couple of sets since being introduced to it but who knew that their swimwear would be so good too. Can't wait to wear this by the pool :)

On the note of bikini wearing .. I want (need) to take the edge off of how white my skin is but I have an aversion to fake tan, I really do not like the stuff and just can't get along with it. Do any of you have any recommendations? Be it a salon treatment or product; I'd love to know how you maintain a slight tinge of brown skin especially now that the rain has hit. Please help me be less ghost-like :)

♥ abby


  1. I'm dreaming of a summer holiday too Abby I didn't get to go away at all this year unfortunately but I'm with you on planning ahead it cheers me up :-) xo Sara

    1. Aw I hope you get to go somewhere nice soon! Bring on the sun! x

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