craving: fall for essie nail polish

22 September 2013

Now that we are creeping into autumn it's more acceptable for me to move away from the pastel nails and go back to the shades that are running through my veins right up to my fingertips. Be it oxblood, khaki, navy, dark green, teal or even browns. These are the nail polish colours that I absolutely love on my nails!

My essie nail varnish collection is slowly growing and i'm looking at getting a few more this season, I especially love the Cashmere Bathrobe and Snake Rattle and Roll.

Stylenomics | Vest Interest | Armed Ready | Snake It Up | Sssssexy
Skirting the Issue | Cashmere Bathrobe | After School Boy Blazer | Crocadily | Snake Rattle and Roll

♥ abby