benefit they're real mascara

I wanted to like this, I really really did. Mostly because I love Benefit and the brush is great, a little longer than what i'm used to but I like quite dense plastic brushes. Alas it wasn't meant to be. It could be the fact that it isn't waterproof or that it's black and I prefer a dark brown mascara or there really is something with the formula that I don't get along with. In any case .. I can't really put my finger on it so let's roll with the fact it's a smudgy black and I like super water resistant mascara. Yup.

What are your thoughts on Benefit They're Real??

♥ abby


  1. Most mascaras smudge like crazy on me but this one surprisingly doesn't at all, surprised you're not a fan! It's my go to mascara at the moment in the heat! x

  2. I can't get on with it either, I personally feel it's hugely overrated.

    I highly recommend Estee Lauder Sumptuous and Yves-rocher Sexy Pulp mascara, my two all time favourites! x

  3. Completely agree with you here, I absolutely hated this mascara. It didn't lengthen my lashes in the slightest! If you're looking for a new mascara I'd highly recommend MAC's Zoom Fast Lash

  4. I'm a bit caught in the middle with this mascara, I love the finished look, although I prefer a matte finish to my mascara and this is very glossy.
    I also hate trying to get it off!
    Tor xx That's Peachy Fashion & Beauty Blog

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