philip kingsley body building shampoo & moisture balancing conditioner

I've been using the same shampoo for about three years now which is so not cool! Yeah aussie is lovely and smells amazing but you're supposed to switch it up every now and again. So for the good of my hair i've been using these philip kingsley products for the last week or so.

Considering the length and body of my hair, I don't actually need to use that much each time I wash my hair - a small ball of shampoo lathers up nicely covering my whole head. I need a little more conditioner to run through the lengths but I can see these bottles lasting over a month. After using these two products my hair feels silky soft, is easy to manage and I can still leave it 2 or 3 days without washing because the conditioner doesn't leave any kind of residue. A massive win for me because I tend to prefer my hair after about a day of it being washed :) I'll continue to use these until they run out, my hair has responded really well to the change so it's likely I'll repurchase these Philip Kingsley products :)

♥ abby


  1. Aaah I wish I had the guts to splurge on some Philip Kingsley. I'm currently using some Tigi products that are bloody amazing on my hair, but might finally try some PK once they run out. Laaav your hair, you see. ;) xx

    1. It is awesome stuff! I like a bit of Tigi too but I haven't used it for years now. Thanks sweeeeets :) xx


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