my must haves: mac indianwood paint pot

10 March 2013

This is the first paint pot that I have tried and it definitely will not be the last. Since discovering how amazing indianwood is (and that it doesn't crease!) I now have my eye on painterly and rubenesque. Are there any more that you think are worth a try? Let me know as I'm craving a mac spree soon :)

Great as a base as well as alone, I love the colour and the consistency of of indianwood. It is a beautiful light bronze that works really well with light gold shades and deep browns, rich dark reds and plums - cranberry really. As and when I do wear eyeshadow, this is almost always my base above two faced shadow insurance because it seems to take hold of any eye shadow and make it a better longer lasting colour.

Absolutely a must have for me, have you tried mac paint pots?

♥ abby