my must haves: essie protein base coat

9 February 2013

A gross fact about me.. I was once a compulsive nail biter, yep - yuck - I hear you. That along with a year or so of acrylics left my nails in quite a fragile state so in a desperate need to sort out my screwed up nails I have tried all sorts of 'strengthening' products. You know the type; those promising full and 'hard as' nails. Unfortunately they have never left me with such a thing, instead my nails have still torn or snapped and it's not like i'm a brick layer and should expect this to happen.

I'm trying a different tactic by using this essie protein base coat. This is a fortifying polish that promotes strength, brightness and elasticity in your nails and although I haven't noticed that they are any brighter, they have completely stopped snapping and tearing. For me this is more of a long term improvement rather than a short term solution and it has worked wonders for me so far.

When i'm all done with this one I fancy trying the essie ridge smoothing base coat :)

♥ abby