chilli loving

13 February 2013

It's no secret that I am a spice fiend, I put chillies in everything. I'd even put them in macaroni cheese if Shaun would let me.. So when I found out about Trees Can't Dance I was more than happy to give their products a go. Excited? Let's Spice up your life ;) (That was just too cheesy not to say..)

I like to treat myself to really good chilli products, whether it's olives infused in bird eye chillies, a sweet sauce or marinade, it has to be the good stuff because there's nothing more disappointing than a chilli sauce that's all spice and no flavour.

I have just eaten a full spicy meal for dinner and i'll be honest i'm finding hard not to simply write this shit is aweeeesome! and leave it at that. Because really, it is.

Starting with my favourite - This one will knock your socks off, it's a really tasty and really spicy sauce that i've eaten with pizza, chips, chicken, garlic kievs and more. There's something about garlic and chilli together that is just amazing, if you haven't tried it before then you absolutely should, especially with this TCD bad boy.

I'm excited to try this one, it smells and looks like it will be full of awesome flavour. Don't tell Shaun, but i'm probably going to use this for our valentines meal tomorrow night :)

Something everyone should have in their cupboard, a sweet chilli sauce isn't too spicy and is perfect with fish or as an alternative dipping sauce to the flaming lips sauce. This sweet sauce is renowned and favoured by the pros at The Chile Foundry.

I've never marinaded anything before because I know it can be a pain but this was great. So so easy, I simply popped the chicken wings into the resealable bag before heading to work this morning, shook up the bag to make sure that the chicken was covered and then left it standing in the fridge door for the day. When I got home I popped the whole contents out of the bag, into a dish and then the pre heated oven. Stirring from time to time until the wings were cooked through and voila, beautiful spicy cajun wings! With a small side of flaming lips sauce of course .. and yes I like large portions of food :)

Trees Can't Dance is available in some supermarkets or you could order online at like I did :)

I hope that my super spicy post has given you a chilli craving.

♥ abby