mid week craving: toasty warm hoodies

31 October 2012

I'm not sure if I mentioned yet, but i'm going to Colorado in the new year - which is going to be awesome and I really can't wait! - However, I suck at being cold. Really, I'm such a wimp! So in preparation for this trip and for the winter chill that seems to be getting colder by the day I've been looking about for nice, warm hoodies, jumpers and general warmth. Most of my attention has been towards hoodies and brands such as Jack Wills and Hollister because they are pretty good to look at as well as being functional - check out those sherpa linings! I've also found a few lovelies from Bench and Superdry that look as though they'd be pretty cosy.

Now I just need to decide which couple to get! Please cast your votes in a comment :)

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♥ abby