my must haves: fashionista lipgloss

3 April 2012

A lot of people are experimenting with this brand lately and i've heard a mixed bag of reviews across the product range. I haven't tried anything but these lip glosses so far and I have to say I think these are amazing! Mainly because it's not often that you get a genuinely great smelling lipgloss! Okay so there are the mint glosses that tend to smell okay but most others have that nasty cosmetic smell that tastes equally as awful so shouldn't really be anywhere near your lips. Not nice. The FashionistA plumping lip glosses however have a genuine candy like smell that I can't quite put my senses on. Is it Fruit Salad, Starburst, Strawberry Millions or those old yummy campino sweets? Who knows! But please, if you have worked it out, put me out of my misery and tell me what they smell like! Thanks :)

The only down side to these is the lack of plump. The packaging reads Plumping Gloss but you wouldn't of thought that if you didn't read it before applying, like I didn't. If i'm honest it wasn't until after using the coral shade a number of times that I noticed a slight tingle on my lips when reapplying one evening. Panicking slightly I checked the tube and discovered the plump-ness. So a word of warning.. buy these for the sweet gloss, not the plump factor. But definitely buy one :D Oh and a note to FashionistA, Launch more shades please! :)

♥ abby