i'm craving: the beauty closet

I'm having a little trouble with my camera, the trouble being that I seem to of misplaced my sd card :/ i'm sure it will turn up soon! Until then I wanted to show you a great little company that caught my attention a short time ago. You may of already heard of The Beauty Closet or at least recognise them from my sidebar.. It's a fab store full of all sorts of cute and awesome bits to shop that is owned by the wonderful Brogan (or @Brogantatexo). I especially love the wooden rosary beads and dream catcher necklaces at the moment. The Beauty Closet has different thinks from cute vintage inspired makeup bags and photo frames to vintage jewellery to on trend items such as the dream catchers and Estella Bartlett items. Plus delivery is only £1.50! How awesome is that!

Pop over to the site and let me know what your favourite item is :)

abby ♥


  1. this collection is SO nice! what a cute little find :) i really like those rosary beads :)

  2. I've bought quite a few things from the beauty closet, such a lovely shop and excellent customer service! :) xx

  3. I've never heard of the beauty closet before but I'll certainly be having a look from now on, there stuff is so reasonably priced as well I'm impressed! (: Love the rosary beads as well because of their summery colours!x

  4. That robot necklace is fantastic! Gonna have to pop over to the website now and have a further investigation!

    Hev x

  5. I love the dream catcher... so pretty! x Marina

  6. Love your blog!
    i saw that there was a southwest blogger event, im not sure whether it has been or not. i'd love sime information about it, or for when i can look out for another one

  7. I love the dreamcatcher necklace!! Do you remember when we had dreamcatchers?? :) xxx


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