outfit : purple with black

31 March 2011

A fair few newbies in this post (and newbie followers, hiiii!) Okay so I jumped on the new look shirt bandwagon and I love it! It's so soft and wearable and I love the gold button detailing. I will be purchasing more, the peach shade in particular when they eventually get my size in. I of course want the white too because they're great for work especially with the summer coming up, our office gets ridiculously hot. We also have in these photos new shoes, new zebra ring and my new motel skirt. Because who can resist a bit of Motel at the moment! Not me that's for sure. I can't wait to show you the shorts from them.. i'm in complete awe of their beauty.

shirt: new look | cardigan: primark | skirt: motel | shoes: new look | tights: primark 
rings: new look, vintage, unsure | earrings: fashionology.nl
eye makeup: sleek storm and eyeko navy graffiti liner | lipstick: mac vv innocence beware

As much as I hate buses they truly are eventful places lately. Whether it's trying to work out where (or whom) that terrible smell is coming from, delightful I know.. or avoiding the crazy lady sat across from you reading the childs book, biff and chip 'the hedgehog' to be exact. It never fails to amaze me the kind of people that get onto my bus in the morning. Whilst on my journey home yesterday a middle aged and I should mention rather scatty looking woman got on to the bus halfway through my journey and immediately picked her phone up and started physically yelling down it. Now i'm not talking a raised voice or even shouting at the kids kind of thing, she was just shouting but having a perfectly normal conversation. I and the girl across from me gave some 'what on earth' glances as we could clearly both hear her over our headphones and then the girl almost in between us picks up her phone and starts having a yelling conversation too! I realise it's quite rude to laugh at people you don't know as you don't know why they act a certain way but how do you not laugh at that?! Suffice to say we had to look away from each other to contain our laughter and I jumped off at the next stop.

After that long winded story (apologies) this got me thinking that I bet you all have some fantastic public transport stories! And I would absolutely love to here them. So please comment below and let me know about your funniest, most strange or most dramatic journey on public transport. I look forward to reading them :P

♥ abby

week in photos #49

28 March 2011

This might be a little bit all over the place but such is life.. I may have to reassess my terminology tomorrow when i'm not as tired :)

♥ I want to live in vest tops, light cardis, blazers, skirts & shorts. Definitely my go to outfit combo at the moment
the final blog design for jemma at bamboozle beauty blog. i've done a few concepts for different people in the past week and can't wait to get other projects started too
♥ the sun is immense! granted there's still a chill in the wind if it hits but i'm loving the improving weather so much
♥ I pretty much don't take this blazer off at the moment. it's an addiction
♥ shoe shopping - absolutely craving these new look bad boys
♥ my motel triangle skirt arrived last week and I loveeeee it! It's obvious how much I love motel at the moment but this is now my absolute favourite skirt (until I buy the cosmic one at least..)
I couldn't do a week in photos without something sweet so how about a creme egg mcflurry
♥ as much as we moan and argue, I have such a sweetie really. It's definitely the little things that matter the most.
♥ doing my little sisters hair aka the only bridesmaid
♥ I literally had no time to do my own hair so it was still up in the same bun as when we left the house early morning but nevermind 
♥ I loved my button hole not just because i'd never worn one before but especially as white roses are a favourite flower of mine :)
♥ my place setting. the cupcake favours are by girlwithawoodenspoon :)
something else sweet and chocolatey.. each wedding table had a scrummy box of chocolates

I've just vacated the lounge because shaun is watching a pretty creepy film and I just don't deal well with horrors /jumpy films etc. I don't understand the appeal to them either.. why would you want to watch something that scares that shit out of you? Please don't answer that. It literally makes me scared to be alone in a room and of the dark. I sound pathetic don't I ;) So now i'm watching Jersey Shore in bed. Yes I have bowed to the pressure of trashy tv! I will admit that it's a bad show, really bad. But it has it's moments and I can't say that i'll stoop to the level of the essex show. Sorry if I offend anyone! But that just isn't my bag, at allllll.

There's a lot in the pipeline for me at the moment which is why i've been a bit absent on here.. apologies for that but watch this space! I hope you're all well! and hi to my new followers! Normal posts will resume soon guys :)

♥ abby

messy waves and stripes

24 March 2011

I thought i'd do one of my chatty, babble posts today as I wanted to take some decent outfit photos but didn't get the chance. Though really my outfit isn't that interesting anyway.. workwear involves a fair amount of black for me. I have a number of black bodycon skirts from h&m that I wear probably 3 out of 5 days of the week and you can guarantee I'm wearing one black item every day.. exciting stuff! If you're wondering, my top is river island and the blazer is h&m. I also added some aviators, obviously for added coolness ;)

I popped into town after work today with the hope of finding some black shoes suitable for a wedding we're going to on saturday. My thoughts were a simple black court shoe with not too much detail, easy right? No. Every pair that I tried on just looked ridiculous on me and I can't explain why. Court shoes are clearly not for me! I ended up with some gorgeous leather double buckle shoe boots that I can't for the life of me find on the new look website. I'll take a picture in good lighting soon :)

I've bought another couple of Motel items over the past week or so. Mainly with coupons, groupons and gift cards which to me is the best way to shop! So I now have the triangle tube skirt, ethel night sky grey shorts and i've been seriously contemplating a number of things in their sale over the last few days! I absolutely must resist. Please, if you see my tweeting about items remind me I can't buy anything in the next week. I must be stopped.

This photo made me laugh and yet I thought it was oddly flattering. What do you think? Bearing in mind i'm rearing up to cough.. delightful huh ;) I have this stuck in my head.. who can tell me which of my favourite films it's from? Without googling!

Now: Planning DIY for the weekend and replying to blog design requests <3

It's friday tomorrow!! Just a reminder :)

♥ abby

week in photos #48

22 March 2011

Sorry for another boring rendition of my week in photos. I should probably get a life some time soon..

I think it's safe to say that most of these photos are pretty self-explanatory.. i'm wearing my glasses more often, i'm addicted to birds eye chillis, as always there's a bit of the sweet stuff and who doesn't love wham bars eh ;)

Over the weekend I didn't get chance to take any outfit shots, apologies for that. I hope you like my makeshift /in the car shot! And the final photo is an old asos dress I rediscovered from the back of my wardrobe on sunday and will now be wearing to a family wedding this weekend :)

Hope you're all well! I'm on it with the blog design at the moment so i'd better get back to that :) Happy Tuesday!

♥ abby

p.s Let me know what you like of my new blog design /tweekage! <3

how much is your face worth?

20 March 2011

I've seen this tag on quite a few blogs recently and saw it as a good opportunity to tell you what my everyday makeup routine involves these days. and so here goes..

benefit dear john moisturiser : £27.06
witch anti blemish primer : £6.99
benefit that gal primer : £20.94
benefit erase paste concealer : £18.89
benefit boi-ing concealer : £16.85
revlon photo ready foundation in nude : £12.99
- sigma duo fibre brush : £9.88
witch pressed powder : £4.99
- elf brush : £5
benefit hoola : £24
- sigma powder brush : £9.88
benefit sugarbomb : £24
- sigma contour brush : £8.65
two faced shadow insurance : £16.50
sleek storm palette - brown or blue shadows : £6.49
 - sigma shading brush : £5.56
 - sigma angled brush : £5.56
 - sigma blending brush : £5.56
eyeko graffiti eyeliner in navy : £5.50
maxfactor false lashes waterproof black mascara : £10.99
rimmel brow pencil in hazel : £2.99
coastal scents 88 palette - medium brown shadow : £11.71
- sigma angled liner brush : £5.56
lush honey trap lip balm : £4.99
elf lip primer and plumper : £3.50
mac innocent beware lipstick : £14.50

     total : £289.63
     total without brushes : £243.86

I wasn't sure whether to do this with or without brushes so i've calculated both. Though to me, my brushes are an essential part of my makeup routine so I think it's only right that they should be included in the over all price.

All in all I don't think that is half bad. Considering the amount of time that these indivual products will last me i'm happy with the amount that my face costs, it's worth it considering what I do to keep it clear by using good quality products.

I'm just rounding off a lazy sunday with some lounging about and the adding of finishing touches to some sketches :) Hope you've all had a great weekend.

♥ abby

i'm craving.. motel

17 March 2011

I want so much Motel right now it's frigging ridiculous!! I think it may be safe to say i'm obsessed. With an asos voucher and the motel discount code below I have ordered the wallflower skirt and triangle skirt this week :) so excited for them to arrive! Along with some shorts, a dress, shirt and playsuit I have my eye on constantly.. I can see my wardrobe filling fast with their summer line!

I think that their designs and the way they do things is very original. I love the idea of the same style dress in different designs as I often see a design design I love in a vile pattern or colour that just would not suit my skin tone in the slightest. At first it was just the motel dresses that I craved and I actually bought one of their chloe dresses a year or so ago, now i'm coming back for more and I want the full wardrobe! The skirts and shorts especially have caught my eye as I think it's great to add colour or detail to a simple top making an interesting outfit. I found it hard to narrow down my choices to show you in this post so as you can see, like with my asos post I did go a bit mad again.. the first dress is my absolute favourite though :) what's yours?

You may notice that my blog is currently undergoing some design changes. I want it to represent me even more so last night I started working on using recent shots of me and such things. And so please ignore anything that may look off at the moment, normality shall resume shortly :)

Fancy yourself some cheeky Motel discount? Use Kim's code here (sidebar) for 20% off and don't forget to say thank you eh :)

♥ abby