another level of jewellery storage

29 August 2011

I hope you have all had a fantastic bank holiday weekend! I wanted to show you a couple of my birthday presents in a bit more detail, this one especially. So I have taken a good number of photos and hope you like it.
I am awful at guessing presents and giving ideas for christmas and birthday presents but Shaun always seems to pull it off and this year, for my 21st he has chosen incredibly well. My main present is this bad boy, the silver safe keeper. A stand alone mirror and lockable jewellery storage cabinet.

There is a section for every type of jewellery;
drop earrings in the slots on the door
long necklaces hung from the barrel on the door, though you could put bracelets on the barrel I have used it for my uber long necklaces
other necklaces hung from hooks on the door
 rings in the 91 slot insert
 other, shorter necklaces hung from 12 more hooks. This is where I have a couple of nice bracelets and most worn short / nice necklaces
 pouch containing more chunky necklaces from betsey johnson and saras secret.
sectioned shelves where I have mostly large rings, along with watches, bracelets, spare pendants and my troll bead bracelet.

You can see from the photos a full tour of the cabinet as well as pretty much all of my jewellery so if there is anything you see that you want to ask me about, go ahead :) Other than that, I couldn't recommend this cabinet enough, but i'll let the pictures do the talking!

♥ abby