creative or cheapskate?

4 July 2011

I like to think i'm a bit of both and that's why i'm obsessed with making my own shorts and tank tops <3

put the jeans on and mark a rough line for where you want your shorts

meet the line, front and back. be sure to get the angle right (up at the sides, down in the centre)

cut your shorts 1 inch below the line. when washing your new shorts they will fray and shorten over time

turn them inside out and wash them on a low setting

roll up the hem and done

These jeans are a mens 30 waist and were £5 from primark. I thought it ridiculous that the womens jeans were more expensive when I could get exactly what I wanted from the mens section and they'd be comfy annnnd I intended on cutting them up anyway! Definitely try this out girls.. especially if you're worried about cutting up a pair of existing jeans these have turned out perfectly and the long zip/fly means that they are great for that highwaisted appearance. They give a slight illusion of a longer torso which isn't a bad thing for me as i've been feeling quite stumpy recently.

♥ abby