i'm craving.. coral dresses

26 June 2011

Missguided is everywhere at the moment! And if you haven't noticed it then you must of been hiding under a rock. OR you're following the wrong blogs ;) I have made orders, got friends on the bandwagon and find myself surfing the site almost daily at the moment. Along with the colour blocking I have been doing more of recently I have discovered a more colourful wardrobe which is great for me as i've always been quite safe with colours. One colour that has really stood out to me recently is coral and on browsing missguided's website (yet again) I have found so many coral dresses that I adore. So come on, which is your favourite?

My most craved has to be the twist cut out maxi as I love the way the cut out section falls in place of wear tummy tone is without showing off too much.

A huge shout out and thank you to everybody that voted for me in the Filofax blogger style off! I Won :D I am absolutely over the moon! My package of 12 filofax's to give away arrived yesterday and I have already given away 3 on twitter! ..bet you wish you followed me on there now don't you :P I now have 8 left for you guys and no my math isn't off, Shaun nabbed an orange and black one :) I will be holding a giveaway or 2 here during the next couple of weeks, so watch this space!

♥ abby