who wears boots in the summer?

It's understandable that when the weather is picking up towards summer time we ditch the boots and start living in sandals and flip flops but do any of you consider keeping your boots out and wearing them a little through the summer? I do :) I think wearing boots in the summer developed from my little feet phobia that I used to have which meant I avoided revealing them wherever possible. Clearly this has sort of stuck but not in a bad way!
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Ankle, Cowboy, Military, Platform and lots of other types of boots are a great way to add a stylish edge to the basic looks that are in this summer. As you'll see below in some of the outfits I like to wear them with it's really easy to just wear something casual an team some lush ankle boots with.

Although quite obvious, as you wouldn't want hot legs.. I wouldn't opt for high leg or over the knee boots for these outfits during the hot summer days. Though I adore mine so I sometimes slip back into the habit of wearing them out in the evening, which isn't such a bad thing as you can see..

Have you already been styling your outfits with boots this summer or will you be now that you have seen this post?

I hope you're having a fab four day week!

♥ abby


  1. i wear boots in the summer too! i love toughening up bare legs and floral dresses with ankle boots for gigs and festivals! so glad i'm not the only one! x

  2. i think fashion doesnt care what season is it, you have to stay classy all year long! :)

  3. totally agree with you and jasmin - my boots won't be disappearing any time soon :)

  4. I honestly NEVER where boots during the summer... at all! As soon as ... well now ish kind of time I pack away the boots. I have ridiculous hot feet... I mean the slightest bit of warmth and my feet are all hot and uncomfortable so I am jumping for joy as soon as it's slightly warm and I can get away with flip flops. It def is a good look though, and I'd try it... if my feet could handle the heat :P

    l x

  5. your legs are amazing!!! I'm going to be rocking boots all summer too, bare legged I think they can look really summery anyway (: lovely post as per usual (: x

  6. I'm not sure how I feel about this to be honest, I used to hate it when people wore boots- although most the time, they did just look like idiots, rather than looking good with it
    but, this is stil England, so I purchased some 'summer boots' this year. they are just little ankle lace ups in cream, but don't have a tongue, and are cut out.

  7. I always wear boots in summer! I can't help it, but often end up getting a bit hot. Its mainly because I don't really like ballet pumps (I have a thing about wearing shoes with no socks) and theres only so many outfits that you can wear sandals with :S...I may invest in some brogues though!

  8. i wear boots basically 365 days a year! i also have a bit of an anti-foot thing going on... i just dont like them! flip flops tend to be a holidays only kind of thing for me.
    fantastic legs mrs! and congratulations on the 800 followers :) x

  9. I love wearing boots in the summer too, I had a pair of tan cowboy boots that I practically lived in last summer!

  10. I wear boots in spring, not so much in summer anymore but I love how they look with skirts xx

  11. I love wearing boots in summer as well. I usually pair them with summer dresses and floral prints. I do get hot feet though but I just love how they look :) x

  12. Awesome to hear so many of you love wearing boots to toughen up dresses and things too :) The feedback has been fab!! xx


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