who wears boots in the summer?

4 May 2011

It's understandable that when the weather is picking up towards summer time we ditch the boots and start living in sandals and flip flops but do any of you consider keeping your boots out and wearing them a little through the summer? I do :) I think wearing boots in the summer developed from my little feet phobia that I used to have which meant I avoided revealing them wherever possible. Clearly this has sort of stuck but not in a bad way!
source: weheartit.com

Ankle, Cowboy, Military, Platform and lots of other types of boots are a great way to add a stylish edge to the basic looks that are in this summer. As you'll see below in some of the outfits I like to wear them with it's really easy to just wear something casual an team some lush ankle boots with.

Although quite obvious, as you wouldn't want hot legs.. I wouldn't opt for high leg or over the knee boots for these outfits during the hot summer days. Though I adore mine so I sometimes slip back into the habit of wearing them out in the evening, which isn't such a bad thing as you can see..

Have you already been styling your outfits with boots this summer or will you be now that you have seen this post?

I hope you're having a fab four day week!

♥ abby