my cravings

3 March 2011

Finally a style related post from me! I realise it's been a while and i've been quite slack with only really posting my week in photos and other me related none style posts. They won't be disappearing but i'm finally getting back on it with the online shop stalking ;) Today's is craving related which may seem a little strange to you but we all have our cravings. Whether that's chocolate, shopping, alcohol, sweet stuff, cigarettes and all the rest of those things we're addicted to. I spent a lot of time during frugal february avoiding all of these things, cigarettes bluhh.. I obviously avoid those anyway and i'm not a big drinker either. Sweet stuff and shopping is my kryptonite and I was doing great right up until the end of the month when I did slip of the wagon a little. But I was in london! And almost. in. london.. I bought a blazer from h&m (plymouth), bull dog necklace from accessorize, krispy kreme doughnut and a couple of other not necessarily necessary purchases in London. What can I say, my location and company put me in the mood to indulge.

Since getting back I have to admit i've been looking online again, asos and topshop in particular.. and there are a whole bundle of things that I adore, dresses particularly. I have become infatuated with dresses! This is the most alien thing to me because I have always lived in jeans and loved anything that completely covered my legs but asos has so many that I want! The first one pictured I have even managed to order with the money earnt through my blog design so far.

I highly doubt that I will ever be able to afford the £1275 to purchase these 36 dresses but hey.. we can but dream right?

As always, if you click on any of the images then you will be linked directly to the dress itself :)

What do you think of this as a series post? I'm always craving something, this week (month /forever from now on) it is asos dresses but next it's likely to be opi polish, platform shoes /wedges, shorts or rings! Although lets face it, i'm always craving rings. It's not likely to be weekly /fortnightly etc feature as I don't like putting pressure on myself to publish on certain days but as many of you are as shopping mad as me I think it's something that i'd like to introduce to my blog as a regular thing.

♥ abby