my new rings storage

8 February 2011

As mentioned in my week in photos post yesterday, I have new rings storage! A short while ago I received this leather and glass ring display box from the bigger shop, it retails for about £12 including delivery and is generally used in jewellery shops and small boutiques but to me is the perfect storage for my many rings! I love it. The quality is great, it is a leatherette case with a front glass panel and felt inside lining for the rings.

The case has 100 individual slots for each of your rings. Having never counted my rings, I half expected to fill this up immediately. Alas, it is not yet full and so when March comes along I fully intend to put a few more into my collection. My only gripe with my new storage is that because there are individual slots I can't fit in any double rings! I only own 3 or 4 though, so it gave me any excuse to put my pretty yankee candle holder to another use :)

Apologies for my camera flash washing out some of the rings, these photos were taken at night so it was unavoidable.

Not all of my rings are here (I'm wearing a 4) but I can pretty much remember where all of these are from so if you spot any that you like i'm sure I can tell you. Though I can't guarantee they will still be in stock as some are quite old and one (the silver wishbone) is vintage.

Let me know what you think of my new storage, do you love it or think it's completely impractical for you? And don't forget to click 'like' below if you like this post :) Thanks for reading!

♥ abby
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