love & lust for Betsey Johnson jewellery

15 January 2011

double finger snake - bull dog - crystal monkey - opening treasure chest - under the sea turtle
domed flower - vampire bat wing - diamonte skull with bow - wrap around lizard - diamonte skull with rose

dollhouse birdhouse - dollhouse white bear - jungle fever giraffe - crystal monkey - dollhouse cat - floral mannequin

If you saw my recent list of packages i'm awaiting the delivery of you, may have noticed that I have ordered a number of Betsey Johnson pieces. This being because I discovered her jewellery before Christmas and my intrigue has developed into an obsession. I find myself all too often scouring karmaloop, ebay, shopstyle and all sorts of websites for new designs, old designs and Betsey bargains! Almost all of my christmas money has gone on these beautiful pieces and I want so much more! I'm becoming an addict.. can you tell? So far I have ordered the jungle fever giraffe necklace and earrings as well as the crystal monkey necklace and ring. I'm desperate to get my hands on the giraffe ring! Alas I have run out of money for now.. but it will be mine! (cue evil laugh)

I think Betsey Johnson's designs are very different compared to other jewellery designers that are on the same sort of level, I find that others generally stick with contemporary simple pieces and if a little more elaborate the colours are more muted. I love how bright and fun these pieces are without looking like costume jewellery. the giraffes espcially. I adore the gems for eyes and ears along with the darkened gold for the horns. Everything is so well finished especially the recent dollhouse collection of which I have found myself lusting after soo many pieces! If I could have all of these items I would but that just isn't realistic at all. I would adore the chance to get hold of the standing cat ring and the birdhouse or white bear necklaces.

Have any of you heard of Betsey Johnson or am I now introducing you to her jewellery? What do you think? I'd love to know! (I hope it's not just me that she appeals to).

♥ abby