a collection of fur coats

Fur coats, fur waistcoats, fur bags and lots more furry goodness is popping up all over the high street (all faux of course) So I have delved in and got myself a cropped gilet, a pouch bag and a russian ski hat. I've also been considering a coat.. but is it too much? Check out these picks and let me know what you think of the faux fur coats this season.



They look so warm don't they? Can't wait to get my hands on one! But which..

♥ abby


  1. I like the republic short hair fur jacket ... but that's the only one .... xx

  2. @CharlotteRosee - That one and the boohoo curly one are my favourite :) xx

    Learning that not many people know how to wear these and so they aren't all that interested in them. Because of this i'm going to make my purchase next week and then do a post with lots of different ways i'd wear them.

  3. absolutely LOVE faux fur and it's def gonna keep you warm this cold winter days.
    i think the black ones are rather nice!

  4. LOVE the faux fur trend!! I love the first coat the best.


  5. I love the fur coat, I recently got myself one!!! I love it!!
    Come check out my blog and let me know what you think, I'm giving away Jeffrey Campbell shoes :)

  6. Love the Republic cropped one! I am definately keeping my eyes open for a fur coat!

  7. @Kat-Face - oh it'll definitely keep us warm alright! :D can't wait.

    @Diya - Snap! :D Great to see that people are really liking it x

    @Fahion Meow - Amazing where did you get it?? x

    @LadyBugSays - Me too, they haven't got it in my local store for me to have a gander at yet though :( x


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