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I should of posted this on friday but instead I posted this and this. I've been distracted trying to work out lookbook, outfit posts and how not to look like a moody cow in every photo etc so here's the find I wanted to share :)

These also come in white and are only £6.99 each at FinestImaginary.com. I'm after a pink grr! and a white arg! to wear together :) Get 10% off with voucher code: tenpercent2010 Do you like this kind of kitsch jewellery or is it way off your taste? Let me know!

♥ abby xx


  1. I love this jewellery, i've just been having a look on the site and they have a really cute umbrella necklace :) Its all really affordable too so I might have to treat myself to a few pieces :)

  2. I love the jewellery websites you find! Very affordable indeed and really good for gift ideas so thanks :) x


  3. yey finally got in your blog !
    love these necklaces - i may hunt to see if they do any bracelets simular !

  4. @Caz I saw the umbrella necklace too, along with the crocodile peter pan themed necklace which i love. Let me know if you get anything :) xx

    @Jade - Glad you like them!! :) That's exactly how i'm seeing them at the moment x

    @Sara Louise - Bracelets would be great. I'm picturing them.. just need to find them! x

  5. Thanks for posting about my little business ;) Glad you all like my bits and pieces :D


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