autumn / winter wants: shoes & boots

22 September 2010

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This is an ever growing list for me! I have a major boot fetish that will never be completely satisfied because there are always new ones being released. In fact whilst compiling this post more have been added to these featured shops! So know doubt i'll do another post kinda like this :P

I actually want all of these, some for different reasons to the next. The 1st pair i would wear with tights or long socks where as the 5th look as though socks are built into the shoe, who am I to argue with that! Pairs 8 & 9 are english heritage all over which is my new favourite trend! I love the shearling and fur topped boots, i'll definitely be adding some more of these to my collection as i'm finding with the one pair that I own that they're so diverse in my wardrobe.

Got your eyes on any boots for this season? Or have I just developed your craving? :P

♥ abby