calling out to shoe lovers

27 May 2010

I need a little help. i know.. once again i'm asking you guys for help.. sorry. But I really do feel stuck. I had intended on buying these loveeeeely carvela heels but now due to a nasty financial hiccup.. I can't :(

I've been hunting high and low for a pair similar to these. I want the gladiator / sandal style, the wooden heel and the tan / brown colour for under £40 including postage.

There are some that almost match this style out there but they just arn't quite what i'm looking for. So I need your advice / help .. I have 2 weeks to find a pair and have been looking for a couple of weeks already but almost given up hope.

Have you seen any shoes like this around lately? Or could you recommend any good websites or stores that I should take a look at?

I would much appreciate your help.. I need these sort of shoes to go with so many things while i'm in Portugal. they're a must buy :)

Thank yoooou :)

♥ abby