what do you wear with cropped jackets?

19 March 2010

i recently bought this jacket from boohoo.co.uk and have found that i can wear it with a lot of things. so after searching through google, weheartit and lookbook i have found some style inspiration i'd like to share with you.
with shorts? why didn't i think of this! an edgy summer look hmm :)

wear something pretty underneath to totally clash the outfit really works

wear it with smart wear.. i tried it over a simple white fitted shirt.. looked damn good :P

patterned top skinny jeans and heels.. so simple why didn't i think of it

over sweater dresses and legging /tights is a must! been there.. loved it :)

i need a floral skirt like this! any idea where i could get one?

got a favourite outfit? or is there something else you'd rather wear with a cropped biker jacket?

i love the last one because it is something that i would definitely wear but didn't think of for myself :)

♥ abby xx