swarovski in wonderland

this morning while browsing the swarovski website for work purposes, i came across something i hadn't seen anybody mention yet.. swarovski have launched alice in wonderland limited edition pieces! These 4 pendants can online be purchased online and are so so pretty :)

i admit, i prefer the disney couture pieces but arn't these just lovely? :)

swarovski say that these four pendants are inspired by the famous tea party scene and they express the playfulness and imaginative side of the story. They definitely do! Colour accents in different shades of pink crystal on the teapot, cupcake and donut pendants sparkle deliciously and lend a feminine and romantic touch. Unexpected details such as the clear crystal eye of the iconic White Rabbit pendant make these accessories truly unique and fun


so if you could choose one pendant.. which would you get?

i'd go for the doughnut.. that way i'll always have one close to my heart :P nomnom

♥ abby xx


  1. Gosh! They are so gorgeous!!! If i had to get one, id get the cupcake or doughnut :) xx

  2. The White Rabbit pendant is my favourite :)

  3. The teapot one and the doughnut are the ones I like most :D x

  4. The teapot and the white rabbit are my fav



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