in and out for me this march

It's nice to have more in's than out's :)

Moving out!! It's nice having my own space where i can be who i want to be and do what i want to do. Where i can paint my nails at 2am without being told off and have room for my semi skimmed milk in the fridge. It's little things.. but i'm so happy i took this step.

House Parties. Saturday night was our housewarming & it was brilliant!! I loved every second of it and the house was in no way wrecked which i was very impressed with. Plenty more parties to come i think :)

Summer.. it's about time winter went away isn't it? the uk just seems to be cold constantly! i'd quite like some decent weather for summer 2010. Atleast that way it can consist of white clothes, bikini's and aviators like i planned :D yum

Ocean salt scrub from lush. I know they say you can use this anywhere but it is working wonders on my face, i love it. Definitely a recommend for you guys and girls with any dry or rough patches of skin. It smells scrummy too but i can't quite put my finger on what it is.

Decorating my room! Now that i've finally (very nearly) unpacked it's time to do some decorating.. jewellery storage to sort and drawers and things to paint amongst other things i want to do. It should be fun! when i get the chance to do it all anyway.......

Lush's colour supplements. I'd like to say i'm intreagued by them but i'm just not.. don't get me wrong i think its a great concept and could really work for some people but i don't have a moisturiser i use regularly because i'm so happy with the way body shops moisture foundation works with my skin. So no.. i will not be trying the lush colour supplements. They're out.

Problems with the flat. Dirty, Broken toilet, Locked bedroom door with no key, washing machine that doesnt work unless you give it a flick and a kick in the right place, doors that don't shut properly, a broken front door lock & handle.. This is on it's way to getting better but c'mon........... No more issues please! :(

No internet. Virgin gets installed on friday thankfully!! Which means more blog posts and the ability to chat more again :)

♥ abby xx


  1. Thank god all the flat problems are gone with!
    Hope its easy from now on babe! xx


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