a different kind of haul

25 March 2010

recently i've been buying more things for the house, well my bedroom anyway :) i want to start being creative again so i purchased a few things that will push me to do that :) and then there are ofcourse a couple of typical things :P

i do have a good selection of small paints but i purchased a pretty large canvas so knew i'd need more. these paint brushes were really cheap and yet they are very good quality! the glitter is just a little something i ike to add into painting sometimes. All of these were bought from cds the range and were super cheap :)

this fabric was £8 a metre from derrys.. a little steaper that i was prepared to pay but i love it, it's perfect for what i intend to use it for :):)

50 gold curtain hooks for £2.35 i have plans for these :) post to come!

the candle holder is an official yankee candle product and cost £4.99 and the yankee samples are £1.60 each! bargain or what :D

this bag caught my eye in peacocks and for only £10 i thought why not, it looks perfect for summer :)

after a couple of you suggested that i woud be able to find a foral skirt in peacocks i went to take a look, this was the only one there and i quite like it. but i have a probelm.. i don't have a clue what i'd wear with it.. i'm lost completely :s tops and shoes wise.. any advice?? if not it's going to have to go back to peacocks :(

it'd be a shame to take it back, the pattern is so pretty. it's just a fabric and style i am unfamiliar with.. help would be much appreciated :) thankyoooou

i found another gorgeous ebay seller, yes another. this one is called fallen saint designs and you can find the product page for this camera - watch necklace here

look at the detail :) isn't it gorgeous! & it was only £11.99 with £1.08 p&p

the back of the necklace wasn't pictured on ebay so it was a nice surprise to see a sunflower like pattern :) i'd recommend checking out the fallen saints ebay shop, they have some really original pieces and are in no way over priced

♥ abby