a different kind of haul

Recently I've been buying more things for the house, well my bedroom anyway :) i want to start being creative again so i purchased a few things that will push me to do that :) and then there are ofcourse a couple of typical things :P

i do have a good selection of small paints but i purchased a pretty large canvas so knew i'd need more. these paint brushes were really cheap and yet they are very good quality! the glitter is just a little something i ike to add into painting sometimes. All of these were bought from cds the range and were super cheap :)

this fabric was £8 a metre from derrys.. a little steaper that i was prepared to pay but i love it, it's perfect for what i intend to use it for :):)

50 gold curtain hooks for £2.35 i have plans for these :) post to come!

the candle holder is an official yankee candle product and cost £4.99 and the yankee samples are £1.60 each! bargain or what :D

this bag caught my eye in peacocks and for only £10 i thought why not, it looks perfect for summer :)

after a couple of you suggested that i woud be able to find a foral skirt in peacocks i went to take a look, this was the only one there and i quite like it. but i have a probelm.. i don't have a clue what i'd wear with it.. i'm lost completely :s tops and shoes wise.. any advice?? if not it's going to have to go back to peacocks :(

it'd be a shame to take it back, the pattern is so pretty. it's just a fabric and style i am unfamiliar with.. help would be much appreciated :) thankyoooou

i found another gorgeous ebay seller, yes another. this one is called fallen saint designs and you can find the product page for this camera - watch necklace here

look at the detail :) isn't it gorgeous! & it was only £11.99 with £1.08 p&p

the back of the necklace wasn't pictured on ebay so it was a nice surprise to see a sunflower like pattern :) i'd recommend checking out the fallen saints ebay shop, they have some really original pieces and are in no way over priced

♥ abby


  1. I love every single item you bought! Gorgeous haul xx

  2. Ohhh some gorgeous things there, that necklace watch is beautiful! xx


  3. Hi hun, in summer the skirt would look lovely with a white vest and gladiator sandals. For now how about tights with pumps, and try to get a v neck jumper in the same colour as one of the colours in the skirt, possibly the indigo blue? try primark :) xxx

  4. Nice buys, the bag and necklace watch are lovely! I would team the skirt with a plain top and ballet pumps or boots depending on the weather x

  5. that skirt is gorgeous, i want one! i agree with francesca and peonies and lilies, you can wear it with a plain top, maybe in a colour from the skirt and either pumps or sandals

  6. what a great haul! You will have to show us what you do with the paint!
    Yankee candles are my favourite! They smell delicious!!
    And I love that skirt. I normally team those kinda skirts with a plain top, a long cardi and ugg boots.. oh an plain tights!! but it would also look lovely in the warmer weather with some cute sandals! xx

  7. Just a plain white t or vest will go with that skirt!

  8. OMG can I ask you where your bedlinen is from? I'm moving tomorrow and it would fit in perfectly in my black and white bedroom?! x

  9. Such a pretty skirt, where did you get your yankee samples from? I love their candles, they always smell divine x

  10. i bought a watch necklace JUST like that in paris in 2007. like, the front was different, but the floral back was EXACTLY like that. it stopped working and the chain broke since, but I still love it.

  11. thanks for all of your outfit suggestions guys! unfortunately i cannot stand ballet pumps/dolly shoes.. i really really hate them.. that's partly why i'm having so much trouble thinking about what to wear with it. i like the idea of gladiator shoes and boots though so will give them a go! :)

    @Laury the duvet set is actually from sainsburys. i'm not sure if they have it in anymore but i've seen sets like it in wilkinsons too :)

    @Reverie i get them from debehams. my debenhams has a huge yankee candle section :) but i'v also found them on ebay fro==or around the same price..

    thanks for all of the comments!! :) xx

  12. Aww I love everything, the necklace in particular! I also am very partial to a bit of peacocks, has very lovely things for very cheap! :) xxx


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