braiding your hair?

a number of days ago i tweeted about this but got no response.. maybe nobody was online? i'm not sure. so i thought i'd bring the question here..

Does anyone wear braids anymore?

I'm not talking about the lauren conrad style braid, i mean 1 or 2 thick and full plaits.

I had a sudden urge to plait my hair the other day but in realising that my hair has grown significantly since i last did so.. i failed miserably! I think i'd need to learn to french braid my hair if i wanted to wear it this way in the future (and actually leave the house..)

♥ abby xx


  1. my hair is so thin, it looks so silly in one plait. I love it when girls have a really long chunky braid. thats prettyy xx

  2. i plait my hair sometimes, i do two if i'm just at home but one usually if i'm going somewhere
    i think they look much better if they are messy than perfectly smooth though

  3. Hiii :) I use lil' plaits almost all the time, for that chic boho look, but as for one big plait,I dunno, maybe for someone who really goes for that long thick hippy-girl look. Two plaits is always really cute, but I <3 plait :) they're soooo versatile :) x

  4. I don't plait my hair anymore and I don't know anyone my age (17) who does either. I think proper plaits are seen as a bit childish, especially neat plaits anyway, but they're probably more acceptable in the Summer time when you can pass it off as "boho"!

  5. i think if i were to try it again i would definitely need to be a bit more rough with it.. more boho chic definitely :P

    i recently watched a video of dulce candy doing a log braid in her hair and once she'd done it she broke it up afterwards.. something i'll be trying for sure :)

    i thihnk that way it'll look less childish :P

    thanks for all of your opinions :):) xx


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