the most wonder-ous bra

28 May 2012

I don't think that I have ever been as excited to try a bra as when this Wonderbra arrived from Simply Beach. For real. This post may sound over exaggerated but it really isn't! I've talked on numerous occasions about the trouble I have when it comes to lingerie and bikini shopping (bras, swimwear) and Simply Beach came to my rescue last year with a gorgeous Pour Moi Bikini (See my review here) and this year they've done it again. This Wonderbra is truly fantastic! So much so that I feel a collection coming on.. I'll definitely be ordering it in white :)

At first it looked huuuge and I considered that the wrong size had been sent but no, the built in support made it look a little bigger than normal but the cup and general fit is beyond perfect! Surprising for me considering it's a strapless number and they normally dig in to me increasingly through out the day, slipping due to the weight and movement I assume.. not this bad boy! You know those awkward moments where you have to re-adjust the back strap and pull it up a little, or maybe you don't? Well I had none of that, and that's one of my pet hates about previous strapless bras.

Another really cool though slightly odd feature is the 'feels like you're holding yourself in place' part. On the inside of the bra there are three, what appear to be, foam fingers coming out of the fabric slightly. Now I wouldn't say that it feels like you're holding yourself in place specifically as I think the whole bra has this sort of effect, but they definitely add comfort.

The bra is really well made and sits perfectly, it adds structure to an outfit with all of the bits i've mentioned plus the sides have a stiff material to keep them in place even further. Basoomas are displayed as they should be! Oh and if, like me, you thought you could never get cleavage in a really good strapless bra then you NEED this one!

♥ abby

more more more with aussie

14 May 2012

This is the last of the images from my aussie more challenge. I know that I could of got lots more washes out of this bottle but unfortunately my lovely boyfriend likes the smell of aussie so much that he decided to use it for himself and as body wash! Sacrilege I know! Anywho, he probably used about half of my big aussie shampoo and i'm sure you can work out the math :)

On another aussie note, i'm entering a Pinterest challenge and last week I spent a great deal of time working on this board so that I could put it up today! I'd love it any of you who have Pinterest could follow my board and repine things you love! I'll be putting up some awesome things late this afternoon and would love to know what you think!! :) - See my 'I love Aussie!' Board here

Thanks all! Much loveeee.

♥ abby