the £100 outfit challenge from daisybutter : monki

31 October 2011

Given the opportunity, I would shop at Monki every day, and every night, for every occasion... Too much?! I love layering up at this time of year, like every other fashion-conscious yet practical girl out there, but I also enjoy mixing textures and colours for a unique, eclectic look. Little touches like clashes of texture makes an outfit stand out from the crowd while you go about your usual - fabulous - day, as well as giving you an I've-lived-and-experienced, "devil may care" edge. I'd wear this outfit for everyday: to Uni, a coffee date or just to see a friend: I love the clashing velvet (even though I cheated with that item!), two knits, and some patent loafers.

Total : £106  A little over.. I think Michelle will agree it's not as easy as it looks! ;) If you'd like to give it a go leave me a comment below with your email and i'll be in touch :)

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the £100 outfit challenge : bershka

26 October 2011

Evening girlies! I have my second £100 outfit challenge. It feels a little odd putting an outfit together this way. Since fantasy shopper I am so used to layering the tee and shaping it so it fits around the jeans or shorts etc and there just not being a model in the photos. It makes it easier to invisige an outfit this way I think. But hey ho this is what I see when I look at bershka at the moment.. sleek leather trousers with uber soft and flattering oversized tees and shirts. That put together with some amazing gold and black accessories I found on the website and we have a definite winter warmer swanky outfit for me. I have lots of birthday dinners and drinks coming up and this is absolutely something i'll be attempting for my casually-dressy look that appeals so much these days.

♥ abby

shopping on another level

21 October 2011

I'd like to introduce something that has been invading my schedule, assisting me at my expert procrastination skills and reducing my imaginary bank balance ever so slightly.

We all love a good bit of shopping, it's fun, relaxing and who doesn't love to gawp at pretty things! In steps Fantasy Shopper.. where I have been and you can shop using fantasy money to buy all sorts of bits to fill your fantasy wardrobe and the bits you really like you can even click through and actually buy them, for real! So you've built up your fantasy wardrobe and now what? It's time to create outfits to go to fantasy events and style other outfits for yourself, access other peoples wardrobes and style outfits for them all the while, liking and commenting on peoples creations and that you lovvvve those boots with that skirt. We can comment on bits and bobs throughout the different shops whether it's love or hate, let your followers know and see what they have to say about those scandalously high shocking pink heels. Our feeds are also updated with other peoples purchases, meaning you can click along and grab them too or comment on their shopping habits ;) By doing all of this liking, commenting, styling and following you collect badges for the many accomplishments and goals hit which will earn you more money!

The possibilities are endless, as is the time spent on the site! (Especially mine) On top of all of that there are more cities, to shop in, the stock is updated regularly with new items that come in store, as are the events and there is just so much more that it's impossible to mention. You really do need to experience it for yourself to understand how awesome it is :)

In some ways Fantasy Shopper is like polyvore, but it's much more interactive and a lot more fun! I've grown to love my fellow fantasy shoppers, know their style and the way they must wear things in real life. As you can see from my outfits here, these are all things that I would absolutely wear and in some cases, i do. You can see my profile, the rest of my outfits and full wardrobe once joining, just click here and join for free :)

Don't forget to follow me! Let me know your profiles and i'll be sure to follow you back :)

♥ abby

abbzzw on paper : cup of awesome

15 October 2011

I've been putting together ideas for christmas presents and just general things I want about my house and i'll be showing you guys my ideas and the finished products as I have done with my deathly hallows bag. This installment is about mugs, cups and other crockery. I only have one page of my list of ideas to show you today. The reason being, others will remain on the quiet as some are specific to those of my friends and family that visit my blog and I refuse to ruin the surprise.

The circles represent designs for the bottoms of the cup, including the pokeball of course! I haven't used colour at all on these ideas because I want to keep an open mind as it depends who the cup is for. Aside from the obvious colours that hello kitty and other known images will be of course. I have a whole series of crafty gifts to show you in the lead up to the festivities so let me know what you think of these :) Will you be creating any crafty gifts for christmas?

♥ abby