a very lush christmas

I've been a fan of Lush products for a very long time so it's always nice when I get invited along to my local in Plymouth for a get together and fun evening talking about the wonderful things they do.

Lush at Christmas time is such a wonderful thing! Every year they release fab gift sets alongside amazing new products that we can't help fall in love with. I was lucky enough to be introduced to and to smell most of this years Christmas range as well as some halloween themed treats. As always everything smells and looks awesome so I took lots of photographs but you'll need to go in-store to witness the scents.

This years have a great variety of designs, shapes, sizes and containers including knot wrap boxes, reuseable storage tins and interactive boxes like the wind up 'Christmas Wishes' tin and 'Human Cannonball' cracker opening gift.

The Cranberry mask is a new one that is full of antioxidants and restorative properties that is said to leave your face lovely and soft. This is one that a lot of people tried on their hands and it had a lovely smell that I wouldn't mind having as a face mask.

I photographed the Golden Handshake hot hand mask because I'm drawn to anything sparkly but also because I hadn't heard of the Lush Hot Hand Mask's before so this is to remind me to try them out.

bath bits

The Lush team talked us through a lot of the Christmas range including (in order);

The Magic of Christmas - My favourite of them all, a cinammon and clove reuseable bubble bar.
Yog Nog - A smoothing shea butter bath bomb with clove bud oil and ylang ylang.
Star Dust - A star shaped rosewood, vanilla and bergamot bath bomb with blue stars inside.
Peeping Santa - A shea butter, cocoa butter and ojaba bubble bar.

We also played with some Santa Fun and Snowman Fun in a timed team challenge that created the beautiful artistic creations you see above..

shower and soaps

Then there are the Christmas shower and soap products, there were a lot but I didn't photograph nearly all of them so I recommend a trip in store to pick your favourite! I'm certainly going back to buy blocks of the Yog Nog and Snowcake soaps.

Snowman - Shower jelly with carrot, sicilian lemon and bergamot oils.
Santas Belly - A truly christmassy shower jelly with vegan red wine, apple juice and star anise.
Christingle - Peppermint and menthol crystals in a butter filled body conditioner
Fairy Dust & First Snow - Beautiful scented sparkly dusting powder in white and pink.
Reindeer Rock - A juicy berry filled soap with anti-inflammatory properties.

christmas gifts

There are so so many great gift sets that I'm only going to link to some of my favourites.

Human Cannonball - A cracker type gift box filled with bath bombs.
Best Wishes - Pretty packaged box with festive bath bombs and a bubble bar
Butterbear - A cute reuseable tin with 6 cocoa Butterbear bath bombs in it!
Winter Wonderland - The ultimate gift for a huge Lush fan containing 20 items in a box big enough to reuse and gift at least 4 bottles of wine.. It's a big ol' box!

shopping in Lush

Towards the end of the evening we were given the chance to shop and to try a few things at home so I of course took a lot more photos and nattered with the other bloggers bustling about the store.

The items I picked to take home with me were of a distinct orange and gold theme because I'm consistently drawn to shiny things! I chose mostly bubble bar products because they're my favourite type of reusable bath treat; Five Gold Rings (though I actually have 6!), The Magic of Christmas wand, Sparkly Pumpkin and a Snow Angel Bath Melt.

I've already used the wand once and I can't wait to share with you what I think of my Halloween and Christmas products after trying them all. :)

♥ abby


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