Daring to go out-out

Having not been out-out for a really long time (about a year or so) I now find myself with the daunting task of preparing myself for a night out. We’re not talking about a could-be-casual-so-rock-your-vans night, nope. This is a glitzy glam must-have-high-heels kind of night. With that in mind I have come to the conclusion that I have nothing glamorous enough to wear so I have taken to the streets! Or rather the web.. because I haven’t got enough time to hit the streets. In a surprise discovery I’ve found that out-out jumpsuits and midi going out dresses look pretty great and the possibility of wearing something that mostly covers my legs is looking up. A promising thought for someone who is nervous about getting dressed up!

A glamorous must, sequins define glitz and are such an easy things to wear, especially if the outfit's destination is out-out. They're a given for a night on the town (though I do love a sneaky daytime sequin too) so a handful of these dresses and jumpsuits either go all-out or feature this sparkly embellishment in a more subtle way that is suitably more me. I would love to be someone who could rock a head-to-toe sequin number!

An off the shoulder bardot neckline (any off the shoulder neckline really) is incredibly flattering. The way this neckline sits if just perfect and so long as the dress/jumpsuit/whatever fits properly it's a winner.

Extra wide palazzo pants are still absolutely everywhere and I'm loving it. Tapered trousers or women pants, don't always work for me but the wide leg fit is one that I feel comfortable and stylish in no matter what.

So what do I wear?? well it's got to be a sequinned bardot wide leg jumpsuit hasn't it? Probably...

♥ abby


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