think again - july 28th 2014

I was recently pointed in the direction of this video and thought that it was too good not to share! In my opinion we don't talk about illness and disease enough, there isn't enough awareness or conversation and that's because it's so difficult to address which is perfectly understandable. But these sensitive issues need to be spoken about in order for people to be informed and for something to be done.

The best way to raise awareness about such things is to make a video and this video about World Hepatitis Day is spot on, it's informative, light hearted and a little bit funny. I'll admit I giggled aloud and that's one of the reasons why I thought that I'd share it on my blog. The video features a very talented hand puppeteer (seriously!) and and a song being sung by a guy called Richard Chees, known to be the loudest lounge singer in America. It's great!

I urge you to watch this and follow the instructions right at the end, talk to the hand and do what it tells you to do! I did. :)

My favourite bit is at about 1:20 - Lejo the puppeteer is brilliant.

"think again, it's a big deal"

♥ abby


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