my temporary jewellery storage

Ideally this isn't how i'd like to store my jewellery but i've been having trouble keeping my jewellery holder on the wall and finding space for my other handmade holders and so it will do for now. At least until Shaun and I move into our own house.. then i'll have the room in the walk in wardrobe :)

I should point out that this is not all of my jewellery, I have numerous pieces about the house at the moment. My sephine london owl studs are on shauns desk along with a couple of rings. I have a few favourite necklaces hanging over my dressing table mirror; polly pocket, swarovki heart, giftgirls keep calm and carry on and saras secret ursula to name a few. Along with a collection of rings on my desk.

I used to store my make up in 8 of these drawers until I bought some much prettier white wooden /wicker storage.

The bangles to big for my drawers sit on the top at the moment, I don't have too many so it's the perfect place for them.

I'm not a big wearer of bracelets, I like them simple and pretty in the winter and full and colourful in the summer but
I don't own a lot and I don't wear them often.

This is absolutely not how i'd like to store my necklaces. There's a lot of little boxes that I have accumulated through
buying necklaces online with a few of necklaces in each. This way they don't get tangled and I can sort through them
easier. Of course i'd still rather hang them individually but that can wait.

My most unorganised drawer! I hate this drawer and because of it I tend to wear the same earrings over and over.
I need a larger stud holder and somewhere to hang my drop earrings fabric holder.

I know it's quite easy for my rings to get damaged being stored this way but that's why it's only temporary!

As this is effectively just a storage post if there is anything you see here that'd you'd like more of a detailed look at then please let me know. I really love all my jewellery so am always happy to share and show you.

Thank you for reading. And thank you soooooo much for following! There's over 500 of you now which is just incredible, i'm so happy. I'd like to do a giveaway as a proper thank you but it may be a little difficult on the lead up to christmas. I'll give it a think and keep you updated :)

♥ abby


  1. Oh my God you've got loads of stuff! I like those little spotty cases, they're so cute. I just hand all my stuff on my bed posts lol.

    Sass and Belle have got lovely earring holders and stuff. Really good prices too.

  2. Congratulations on the followers :)
    I'd love to have a good root through all your jewellery; just from these photos there's a few things I want! Especially the rings! The polka cases next to the drawers are so nice! x

  3. wow I've never seen so much outside of a shop! I'm so showing this to my boyfriend so he can stop complaining and see that I don't have that much! lol x

  4. I love your cases in the first photo! I also keep my jewellery in a drawer. I need a pretty stand for it or something :/

  5. Yay I love looking at other peoples jewellery (I'm nosey like that!) Great post, if you're going to do another post like it. I'd like to see some of the items closer up, maybe your favourite items? :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  6. Me too Alison, Can you believe they were only £10 on ebay! That's not a bag idea! pretty sure shaun would have a mini fit if i did that though! I only really need a stud holder so will have a look, thanks :) x

    Thank yoooou Jade! No doubt your linking to me now and then helped! So thanks :) I'll probably do a post on the rings because they're what I love to wear most so watch this space :P x

    Beth, Really? I don't have much compared to some people I know. I just love having a diverse collection as i'm quite picky with what jewellery goes with an outfit :P Let me know what your boyfriend says! ahah x

    Thanks Bee, me too. Yeah I really need places for my stands and holders x

    Half Dressed, I do too! That's why I thought i'd share mine with you all. Thanks a lot lovely. Favourite items would be better than all of the definitely. Will do that in the future :) x

  7. oooo so many sparkly shiney things :) x

  8. WOW! Amazing collection hun! I want to come and play dress-up with it all ;) xxx

  9. Thank you girlies!! Come over and take a closer look any time :D xx

  10. This is actually an organized way to store jewelry :) I find that it can get tangled up so easily on a hanger. Love the floral bangle, btw!

  11. Hi Amaris. I found that hooks you can buy allow for necklaces to be quite close and get tangled so I made my own using fabric and curtain hooks which would work really well if it would stay on the wall! Thanks :) It's from internacionale x


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