asos sale

I often have my eye on the asos clearance section. Some really good things get put in there at insane prices and have to be snapped up! Just like these 4 items.. and with free delivery it's very hard to say no to such bargains!

silver plane necklace: £2
long record & note necklace: £2
gold love ring: £2
wooden heart earrings: £2

Have you ordered anything from asos clearance recently? I plan on making another order when my birthday cheques clear :P

♥ abby


  1. awesome! I love the ring!
    I gave you an award, :)

  2. Oh I am loving the ring and record necklace! How bargainous too?! £2 each piece! :O xxx

  3. Love the record pendant.

  4. Love that ring! Can't believe how cheap all those items were!

  5. thanks girls! go take a look there's some lovely things still up there.. the love ring included! :) xx


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