10 ring detail bags that won’t break the bank | a wishlist

For some time I've been looking for a bag which use the perfect circle hardware in their design. Be it as a handle, decoration or something to help lift the flap and open your bag, this ring detail is all over the fashion industry. I’ve noticed that there are three types of these bags on the market; Some metal ring bags are obviously over-the-top similar to the designer Chloé’s bags (which is very unfair), others are clearly inspired by them (rather than a very close copy) and others simply hold the hardware similarity and nothing more.

I really like the metal ring detail on these bags because it’s something different to the many tassel and fluffy bags around at the moment. For me I need a simple clean-lines accessory that will suit any of my outfits with ease. These backpack, tote and cross body bag designs are more wearable for me and suit my obsessed-with-biker-jackets style.

the link list
1. black cross body bag with ball detail and mixed chain strap
2. black floral embroidered cross body bag
3. black backpack with tassel and ring detail
4. small black clutch bag with ring and chain detail
5. structured black bucket bag with double ring handle and chain strap
6. red faux suede backpack with ring detail
7. black studded cross body bag with mixed chain strap and ring buckle
8. black cross body bucket bag
9. white bucket bag with double ring handle
10. black faux suede cross body bag with metal ring and chain detail

Note to Chloé. I’m Sorry. I do love you and respect you but I just can’t afford to offload that much money on a bag right now so instead I’m looking at some inspired handbags and backpacks within my current price range.

♥ abby


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