unicorns, unicorns everywhere

I feel like this is becoming an obsession, a scary obsession with something entirely imaginary that I adore and think are too beautiful. Maybe it's the glitter, or the purity of the all white fur/hair - or maybe it's just the fact that you can't get more girly than a unicorn. My reason for initiating this blog post is because I bought a number of unicorn-related items in London a couple of weeks ago, including this amazing coin purse. :D

Image Map Unicorn headband Unicorn money box Unicorn ring holder Sassy unicorn phone case Unicorn socks Unicorn onesie Unicorn phone case Glitter unicorn phone case Faux unicorn head Unicorn tape dispenser Unicorn coin purse Glitter box clutch Unicorn pen Magical unicorn tote bag Unicorn converter gloves Unicorn hot water bottle

I've been looking at the Skinny Dip cases for some time, specifically the sassy unicorn case or liquid glitter one - but I can't decide so I'm forcing myself to wait until I have new phone before buying one because I think it would be a waste on my little iPhone 5S anyway. I don't have to wait to own the Glitter box clutch though!

I'd love to introduce some more sophisticated unicorns into my home decor and think that the all white items work so well for this. The white porcelain money box and ring holder would look great in my new wardrobe room with the pure and pretty style I'm planning. There may even be room for a wall mounted statue.

To see any item, click on it's picture in the collage. :)

♥ abby


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