introducing Miss Patisserie

On my visit to Cardiff just before Christmas I popped into the new boutique bath and beauty store, Miss Patisserie. At first my bestie thought I was talking about heading down to a bakery I'd heard about but Miss Patisserie is an adorable store full to the brim with a huge variety of bath bombs, fizzers, melts and beauty products like body scrubs, face masks and oils.

Of course Miss Patisserie have many more products than the ones I've tried (or noticed in store) so I'd recommend having a browse of the website or if you happen to be in Cardiff city centre then pop in and smell the wonderful smells for yourself. :)

I tried the Kumquat body scrub on my hand and it's wonderful. It smells fantastic, not too sweet or overpowering but a fresh fruity scent that lingers just the right amount. This is actually a product that I regret not taking home with me so before we hit summer I'm going to order a jar on their website.

Knowing that my mother-in-law-to-be will soon have a gorgeous new bathroom I thought I'd pick up a couple of items for her, the main one being a Bath Bake - the Daiquiri one to be specific. These cupcake style bath bombs aren't the norm, they're made differently to any I've seen before and that's because the fizzy bath bomb part sits in the cupcake case while the iced topping is actually an exfoliator that you use in the bath once the other part has fizzled out. It's kinda brilliant!

The coral bay bath ball is a pretty large bath bomb that doesn't have an overwhelming smell which I really like in bath products sometimes so it's nice to have a 'fresh bath' option. It creates a colourful  turquoise and coral bath and left me feeling fresh rather than a bit groggy and over-scented like some bath and shower products do.

I took home a small sample of the goji face oil and have since acquired a full sized bottle of the Kukui oil because I really liked it but wanted a face oil that contails rosehip. I'll talk a bit more about that another time.

Another product I've been using regularly is the coffee soap which Shaun and surprisingly both love - I say that I'm surprised because he is not coffee's biggest fan and yet I keep catching him pinching my soap.

Lastly I have the peppermint massage bar, this one smells a little toothpaste-y on it's own but when used it warms up and releases a lovely fresh mint scent that both tingles and relaxes making it one of my favourites and a definite repurchase for me.

♥ abby

p.s. You may have noticed that I've started drawing again! Hope you like my bath ball/bake drawings up there. :)


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