April Degustabox Review

I know this was way back in April and the month is now June but life has taken over all of my available blogging time so here is my delayed (but maybe worth it) review of the April Degustabox! Yummy. :)

Considering my removal of certain things from my diet I didn't eat all of these but relied on the guys as my food and drink testers to taste the things that I couldn't enjoy for myself, it's a hard job but the rose to occasion and drank beer and energy drinks for me.. Someone had to! The April Degustabox was an international themed selection of goodies and mine contained items from both the alcohol and non-alcohol box including a selection of sweet and savoury items so here's a break down of what was in the box and what we thought.

idrinq coffee flavour caffeine drink
I don't drink energy drinks so I left this one to Shaun and his brother who didn't have very great experiences either to be honest. Shaun does drink other energy drinks from time to time but hates coffee and this one did smell (and apparently tasted) like coffee which he wasn't kean on. His brother however did enjoy the drink but found it made him feel a little ill afterwards.
approx £1.66 per can (x2 = £3.32)

kinder choco-bons and chocolate with cereals
Kinder is a beautiful chocolate and was my favourite as a kid so I admit that I did delve quite happily into these 'share' bags and enjoyed every moment of the milk and white sweet chocolate googness, especially where the choco-bons were concerned. :)
£1.50 per bag (x2 = £3)
nandos crisps
Nandos is king in my book, I love a trip to Nandos so was excited to try these crisps even though I've cut crisps out of my diet. All three bags were delicious and did not disappoint, well worth coming out of my bubble to snack on for a couple of days. :)
approx 40p per pack (x3 = £1.20)

schwartz recipe mixes
I've only used the Korma sachet so far and have to say it was so much better than the jars of curry we usually by. It was creamier with a much better texture and improved taste so I'm hoping that the Balti sachet will be a similar experience meaning I can ditch buying jars!
90p per pack (x2 = £1.80)

veetee rice
I've had a lot of fun with these rice packs experimenting with dishes so I'll definitely be buying them again. The Piri Piri has quickly become a favourite in our house, especially when cooked in a chorizo baked dish I like to make or used as a main component in burritos.. so good!
94p per pack (x2 = £1.88)

cirio tomato fillets and puree
The Cirio puree pots are my favourite discovery from this Degustabox. They're so much better than the tomato puree tubes I've been buying for as long as I can remember, these little tin-like pots contain a good amount of rich and smooth tomato puree that is the perfect amount for a dish like bolognase or chilli, I love them and I'm never going back! As for the fillets I enjoyed these sliced up in a salad as well as a tasty pasta that I had warm one evening and chilled for lunch the next day so these are something I'll absolutely repurchase from time to time. :)
puree £1.10
fillets £1.45

barry's tea
This is a tasty tea that I find to be a little stronger than the average cup which for me is pretty perfect because I love a strong cuppa and find I have to leave a standard tea bag in hot water for a long time to get the perfect cup. With Barry I can brew it just as long as Shaun's Typhoo and they're both made perfectly for each of us.
£3 per box of 80

debeukelaer cookies bakery creamy cookies
I tried one of these for the sake of experimentation but cookies and biscuits are another thing I hardly ever eat. It was tasty and Shaun enjoyed these gooey-centred individually-wrapped chocolate-chipped cookies so much that it took just 1 day for the pack to be empty.
£1.99 per box of 4
scheckters organic energy drink
Another drink that was tested by Shaun instead of me, he really liked the taste of this one and has looked out for it in supermarkets since, alas he's had to resort to Lucozade or Red Bull because it doesn't seem to be available anywhere apart from online just yet.
£1.37 x1

chosan wonjo hibiscus drink
Drank alone as a juice drink I didn't enjoy this hibiscus drink, it left a funny medical after taste that wasn't enjoyable. On the back of the bottle it mentioned alternatively using as a mixer so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and at home that evening tried it with some vodka and it was much better! I'd still rather have a vodka cranberry but if offered a drink of vodka hibiscus I wouldn't turn it down. :)
£2.80 x1

kingfisher premium beer
Beer is so not my kind of drink, I like sweet alcohol - really sweet! SO I left this one for the boys to drink knowing that they both kinda like beer.... They thoroughly enjoyed this one and went for some more.
£2 x1

Total cost if bought separately rather than as a Degustabox : £24.91
A box costs £11.99 or £12.99 depending on which package you go for so that's good value for money!

All in all this box wasn't bad, we got to try some new things and find new favourites so I'm pretty pleased and will happily get another one in the future.

♥ abby


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