the black leather wishlist

There are a few items I've fallen for recently, that I've been drawn too and unable to take my mind off of and they are all black leather beauties. In a mix of finishes, embellishments and textures I'm loving the look and feel of black leather on and in my wardrobe, it's a beautiful thing.

You know when you see an item and just fall head over heels for it? (heels.. get it!) When you spot a pair of shoes across the room and make a b-line for them just to be sure that somebody else doesn't get there first. Well if shopping online was like that then I couldn't have clicked on those Diesel boots fast enough. The block heel, mixed texture and belt detail all in one make for a gorgeous pair of ankle boots - It's true love.

I recently bought a pair of over knee Ravel boots and since seeing these knee high heeled boots also by Ravel I decided I need them too. They're the perfect amount of dressy thanks to the stiffness of the leather and the added heel, it just makes sense to add these to my collection.

Uhh this coat, I'm so in love with this Betty London long biker. The soft fur colour, belt and zip details, the fit and the length - It's perfect and I'd go so far as to say I need it!

The other items I'm lusting after include those b-e-a-utiful Michael Kors thick strap sandals, the leather dress from Only, a black leather handbag by La Bagagerie that is littered with studs and some awesome Ash biker boots also covered in just the right amount of similar gunmetal grey pyramid studs. As much as I love the Ash jalouse and formal style ankle boots this chunky black leather pair named 'Titan' have a special place in my heart.

♥ abby


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