Lush product reviews part 1

Last weeks Lush event sent me away with some wonderful goodies including a body spray, bubble bar and shower jelly as well as other pretties that I wanted to try and needed to repurchase.

dad's garden body spray
Having only ever tried the solid perfumes before this event I chose to bring home the Dad's Garden body spray with me. I wore it on my right arm during the evening and with every sniff it grew on me and became even more of a rich lemon scent. Having worn it at home during the day I've decided that the lemon and lime that lingers is more of a night time scent because it's stronger and not as sweet as my every day perfumes.

honey trap lip balm
Honey trap has been my favourite lip balm since my mum bought it for me many moons ago. It's a smooth sweet honey and white chocolate combination with some oils like almond, olive and peppermint making it nourishing and protecting my lips from the elements. I love this lip balm. :)

carrot soap
Having always been one for the 'honey I washed the kids' soap and sweet tones generally I really wanted to try the carrot soap. It's not got honey in it like other Lush products I'm partial to but it does have some of my other favourite sweet ingredients like Coconut Oil and Organic Cocoa Butter. This beautiful orange soap also features carrot oil, of course and in full form it's shaped like a carrot which pretty much sold it to me in the first place, followed by the amazing smell.

the knot wrap
My Lush purchases were wrapped up in a vintage style square scarf using the four knot-wrap. They use this alternative form of wrapping to encourage reuse of the wrapping materials, as a scarf, headband or re-wrapping gifts for people. Lush even included a little double-sided instruction manual so that I could use the scarf to re-wrap.

Next time: carrot bubble bars, pot o'gold shower jelly and rose bubble bar.

♥ abby


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