brands I love: missguided

When am I not lusting after a handful of pieces from missguided?! I decided because of this it was about time I put together a sizeable wishlist post that shows how much I love to shop MG and why!

The sheer range of clothes amazes me every time I visit so there is always something that I want, always. This time was no different, there are so many pieces in this blog post that I couldn't possibly link to them all, just imagine the list! Instead I have bookmarked them all so if you'd like the link to something just let me know in a comment and i'll send you it :)

It's obvious from these collages that I have a huge thing for the MG dresses and actually I own a good few of them now but the tops are skirts often sneak their way into my basket and i'm never disappointed. I once liked a style so much that I bought it in deep red, dark green and neon coral. All in all I think that they sell great quality trend pieces at a decent price and their customer service has always been fantastic, even when i've been a bit fussy!

The latest collection is one launched with Nicole Schirzinger that is full or midi's, mesh and monochrome - okay it's fishnet really but I thought three m's sounded better. This black cut out midi dress at the bottom is my favourite from the Nicole collection.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on missguided and know what your favourites are from my picks!

I'm off to buy the blue high neck crop top, mint and white skirt, a couple of dresses and whatever else I can fit into my basket without making my bank cry.. :D

♥ abby


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