animal tops tees and jumpers

Whilst perusing the asos sale last night, as i'm sure we have all done fairly recently, I came across some fantastic animal tees (and jumper) that I thought were worth sharing.
Now i've never really been one for slogan tees or tshirts with animals of any kind on them but these are great! Especially the Brat & Suzie collection, after originally seeing this quirky brand on Dragon's Den I have always admired their creations and the way that they support a variety of smaller artists. The deer, seal, pengiun, polar bear tshirts and wolf jumper are all Brat & Suzie items and I am far too tempted by the wolf jumper! I seem to have a bit of a thing for wolves at the moment, probably because of how wolf-like Milo is these days. The nerdy kitten and fox are by a brand called Goodie Two Sleeves and I thought were far to cute to leave out of this post :)

ice skating bambi tee | adorable seal tshirt | penguin in a jumper on a tshirt | polar bear tee

What do you think of animal tees? Girls best friend or not at all?

♥ abby


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