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Since my relatively new biker boots decided to break on me last week I have been browsing the net for yet another new pair :) But this time I think that i'd rather spend out on a couple of good quality pairs so i've been looking at sturdy and trustworthy brands like Dr Martens.

I live in boots and I really do wear them with anything so it's only right that I have a lot of different pairs, from heeled ankle boots and fringe decorated pairs to comfy winter boots, chunky biker boots and some great knee highs. I could totally be the old lady who lived in the shoe .. I think that one half of a pair of studded biker boots would be a sufficient home.

I really do need a great new pair of shoes so if you have any brand suggestions that you know are well made then i'd love to hear about them. Otherwise i'm absolutely going for Ash, Hudson or Dr Martens .. and some Hunters of course. I 100% need some really good wellies this year! What with Milo being a year old we can take him on much longer walks and that's just no fun with your ruined Steve Maddens (Rest in peace boys) so i'm excited to get a pair of Hunters that will not only hold together but protect me from the awfully muddy walks that we go on.

Which of these four pairs of boots should I go for?? Or which two pairs.. :)

♥ abby


  1. Just get all the boots! You can never have too many Abby!! :) I've got two new pairs of black ankle boots for this A/W :-)

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. Haha! That's about £500 worth up there .. As tempting as it is (!) my budget will only allow for two.. Either that it nobody gets Christmas presents from me this year ;) xx

  2. Hahah which two pairs...! I like your thinking. Well I really really like the two pairs that are heeled, but I might be biased because I'm lusting after heeled boots. My opinion probably isn't to be counted upon right now!
    In terms of value for money, I got mine from Clarks last Autumn and they're' a really great style and insanely comfortable. They've also lasted ages- I used to walk on average 5 miles a day in them EVERY day and they've only needed re-heeling once. The re-heeling only cost six or seven pounds.Best boots I've ever bought!

    Lovely blog by the way Abby, and I really really like the illustration on the top right - beautiful! and seriously unique! :)

    Have a lovely evening,

    1. Haha :D Clarks are totally worth it I agree as are a lot of high end brands. I've bought a flat and a heeled pair from this site now :)

      Thank you :) Deepfriedfreckles did my illustration for me last year, I love it :) xx


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