benefit bad gal eyeliner

Just like the They're Real mascara, I really wanted this to wow me! But it didn't. It's such a shame as Benefit is my favourite brand on so many levels but a pattern is emerging and I just can't seem to get along with their eye products. Feel free to convince me otherwise as I haven't tried everything, if there is a wonderous Benefit eyeshadow or other product then I absolutely want to know about it so please shout!

This Bad Gal Eyeliner though .. Well it didn't stay on. It slipped from my waterline within the hour of applying then wouldn't budge from my skin which I can only assume is due to it's waterproof properties.

♥ abby


  1. I've experienced the same with Benefit eye shadows. They faded within an hour, they weren't pigmented and they didn't blend well.

    It's such a shame because their products cost a little bit, so one would hope they would be effective.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say


  2. The only eye product ive really liked from them is their theyre real mascara, such a shame about this! x

  3. I like the colour thickness of the liner. This is going to be on my shopping list next time.


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