my must haves: sleek natural palette

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This palette is so under used since I received my Naked 2 which is such a shame as I do really love it - only not as much as my addiction to snakebite.. :) The colour pay off is just what you'd expect from Sleek eyeshadows and with a good base they really do stay all day. It's a great and affordable palette of natural matte and shimmer shades.

When I do use this now it's for the white-ish highlighters, the dark purple grey and for the darker than dark black. Mostly the basics but that's why I bought it in the first place really. I'm a bit of a basics and staples girl both in makeup and fashion so it's only natural for me to be drawn to neutral palettes like this, it just means that I need to fill my mac palette with more exciting and experimental shades. Speaking of which .. I only have 3 eyeshadows in it at the moment .. any must have mac eyeshadow recommendations for me? My birthday is coming up and a trip to the local concession is definitely in order.

♥ abby


  1. i have the sleek sunset palette which is gorgeous, but i find a lot of the colours unwearable - this seems like a much more wearable palette! x

  2. I was just having a look on the sleek website wondering what to buy and had this in my bag! Just in time.. This sounds perfect :)! X

  3. I havent used my Sleek palette in such a long time, this one has some lovely colours in it!x

  4. I love the colours in this palette I have the Sleek Storm palette and I've used it to death so I only use it now for when I travel.Might have a look at this one to replace it!
    Great post Abby

    Eloise xo |

  5. I need the palette in my life!

    A friend of mine uses it religiously and I always marvel at how pretty the shades look.
    Their Storm palette is great as well.


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