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I realised today that I haven't yet shown you the bits I got for my 21st birthday, other than my fabulous jewellery storage. I'm not going to show everything because frankly, I can't be bothered and some of it won't interest you guys even though I love it all. Vera Wang Princess, Bottles of Baileys and Champagne for instance :D

Sorry if I ramble or muddle up my words a little today, i'm not feeling fantastic. As some of you may of seen me moaning about on twitter.. Apologies.

I received this ring from Shaun and even though I picked it so it wasn't a surprise, he got it engraved with the same words I engraved his ring with, which is lovely :)

My troll bead bracelet was a gift from Shaun's parents and the beads are a combination from my loved ones :) all for my 21st. The giraffe which is 2 wrapped around each other, is from Shaun. The elephant is from my mum. The 2 glass beads from Shaun's parents. And the 'A' and Hippo are from my daddy and family. The Hippo has been discontinued but my dad knew how much i'd love the little guy because it's my mum's favourite animal and so went all over the southwest looking for one and he found this guy in totnes. My little hippo was the last one in our area and i'm so glad he's mine :)

Do any of you have troll bead bracelets? If so, as i'm a newbie i'd love to see them!

♥ abby


  1. Love that bracelet, I've got a pandora one so kind of similar.. but I just can't seem to fill it up!

    The Deer Head


  2. Aww how cute is the clasp of the bracelet! xx

  3. Naw the ring is too cute! I love things like that where they remember important things like memories and songs and that. xxx

  4. The bracelet is gorgeous, so cute :) x

  5. Such a lovely bracelet, I'd never heard of them before though! May have to do some googling as it's so pretty :) xoxo

  6. I really love the ring, what nice presents!!

  7. Aww these are such lovely gifts lady! I love the ring especially :)

    L x

  8. I love my troll beads. I have one completed bracelet so I've started my second. So weird to think I have so much money invested into one bracelet - they're so expensive! But I love getting beads on special occasions or ones that mean something to me.


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