colour blocking with filofax

what is colour blocking?
I'll admit I am not the most bright and colourful with regards to clothes, makeup and most things actually and this reflects through out my blog. But recently the more bold coloured items of clothing, accessories and nail polish have been attracting my attention. What I understand colour blocking to be is simply block coloured items of clothing, preferably a colour that stands out i.e not beige, with little pattern and detailing and bright accessories. Worn together in a way that does not blend but stands out whilst complementing each item. As someone who is new to brights and this trend I think that is somewhat of a good start.

Vogue say: "Loud and proud colour combinations make for a dynamic, confident look. Team colours from the same family together for a harmonious look. Think bright pinks with vivid fuchsias, turquoise with royal blue. Keep warmer tones like orange and red together. Go for a neutral-toned shoe to keep it simple. Work regal purples in with contrasting, fiery oranges. Try lime green with melon or rosebud pink for a pleasantly jarring combination. Go to town on the look with a loud, contrasting shoe or handbag" That's what I said.. right??

key pieces
I find popular high street and online shops a great inspiration for style especially when it comes to trends i'm unfamiliar with or feel I would find hard to dress and so have have been scouring a handful of my favourite online shops for ideas and key pieces to compliment my new apex filofax for the blogger style off.
Looking at the Apex the individual colours are quite electric even on their own so I tried to pick out similarly striking blues but had a little trouble with the yellow as everything seems to be toned down to a lemon shade. But still.. I definitely think I can make a few things work!

I decided to share these with you in a similar way to my previous post on festival style. It would be great to know how you interpret colour blocking in your wardrobe as i'm fairly new to the idea and the injection of bold colour into my wardrobe but I really like it!

Also, let me know what you think of the these outfit ideas /inspiration boards that i'm doing at the moment.. do you like it or is it a bit ott? I want to inject some colour and life into my blog without messing about with the design and really like this way of presenting ideas and inspiration. Yay or nay in your books?

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

♥ abby


  1. Great stuff, my favourites are the republic pics, I do like their clothes!

  2. I LOVE bright colours, especially in the sunshine and that blue tone is just perfect :)

    Maria xxx

  3. Ooh a definite yay for the style-boards, I love anything like this - the design is perfect and easy to absorb :) As for colour blocking, I'm too scared to give it a go myself, but I am loving that turquoise top with the yellow shorts..mmmmm summer x

  4. Oooh love this! Want that nail varnish *drool* x

  5. I really love the style of this post! The clothes really stand out. Loving the boohoo items, never really shopped there before but you've def inspired me to have a look, those blue trousers are gorgeous!! xx

  6. I love this post! You should check out Zara - its like the colour blocking fairy threw up in there!

  7. I love the aviators from Primark, Primark do sell the best ones!

  8. Love the colour combination - blue and yellow is such a summery combo! Look forward to seeing your outfit :)

    Where do you do the pin board style graphics like that - love them!


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