jelly shoes.. really?

I used to live in a seaside town and remember playing about in pink glitter jelly shoes on the beach, in the garden, through the town and even running through the pub my mum owned at the time. It's funny how things like that can remind you of bits of your childhood.

Another thing I remember about my jelly shoes was blisters.. I was only little and even now i remember the blisters, so I would be very wary of these rubbing if I were to purchase a pair.

first: miss selfridge second: asos third: oli

What do you think of this trend? Have you bought any jelly shoes?

♥ abby xx


  1. i think they look awwfuulllllll! one girl in my school has a bright orange pair and they make me gag every time i see them - bleugh! xxx

  2. I had pink glitter jelly shoes when I was little as well! :) I really like em but they've got to be stylish an not cheapy looking ones...there's some gorgeous ones out there but also a lot that look like complete crap.

    Melissa and Vivienne Westwood are my favourite brands that do them.

  3. i had jelly shoes when i was younger too :D
    i bought some for the beach from primark, £2 BARGAIN :D but they arent that comfortable :/ xxx

  4. AnonymousJune 22, 2010

    love jelly shoes! makes me nostalgic. i have a pair of colbalt blue jelly gladiators from new look, and i always recieve compliments in them.

  5. I used to have jelly shoes in every colour/style possible when I was young, they bring back so many memories.
    I always managed to lose 1 in the sea too, lol. I don't think I'll be purchasing them any time soon though.

  6. I had jelly's for my hols 2 yrs ago! Super cute and everyone kept asking me where they were from! I still have them and still pull them out on sunny days! :) xx

  7. I don't like the coloured ones, but I have some really cute clear ones with a bow on. Which I adore!


  8. I never thought I would ever EVER wear jelly shoes but my Melissa ones are the most comfortable shoes ever i think they are a little diff to traditional jellies as she has her own patented forumla MelFlex try them! Asos! lovely xx

  9. @Faye i agree.. i really do. i mean the black ones don't look all that but i'd prefer leather over plastic or jelly any day xxx

    @Ms. Wedgie i'v been looking at melissa shoes recently and you're right they're gorgeous! :) xx

    @ssshlow i don't know if i can sacrifice the comfort of my feet.. i mean i'm not a big feet person anyway i think they're quite possibly the ugliest part of a persons body lol so looking red raw from jelly shoes doesn't appeal :/ xx

    @Lottie is it the colour that they compliment? because a pair of bright blue sandals would be brilliant! i want :)

    @Charlotte snap ;) x

    @Stolen Thunder it's cool that you embraced it before the trend came back! i love it when that happens :) do you find them okay to walk in then? xx

    @Dreams That Glitter Clear would be nice.. simple and understated :) xx

  10. @Holly see i saw the melissa ones and thought they looked a lot more comfortable than those in the picture above and you've just confirmed it. maybe there are some good things about jellies coming back after all :) xx


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